Common myths about wearing wigs – DEBUNKED!

With all the online wig myths like “wigs look fake, wigs fall off too easily, and wigs are too expensive,” it’s understandable why wigs have a bad reputation.

Wigs are one of the most realistic-looking treatments for hair loss, despite all the rumors.

Furthermore, wigs are the ideal, non-committal way to experiment with different hairstyles before making any long-term changes to your natural hair.

Today, we will examine a few biggest wig myths and determine whether they are true or false.


1. Wig Care and Styling Is Too Difficult

There will always be difficulties when trying something new, whether it’s putting on a wig or doing the ideal at-home blowout.

But that’s okay because making mistakes is a necessary part of learning.

The same holds true for styling and maintaining wigs.

You can style and take care of your wigs just as well as your favorite stylist with some practice. Simply don’t anticipate becoming an expert overnight.

Want assistance getting going? Check out our Wig Care Guide.


2. Too Big/Too Small for a Wig is My Head

Like finding a dress that fits, finding a wig that fits properly requires that you know your proper size.

A dress that fits perfectly feels cozy looks stunning and brings out your best features. Wigs work the same way.

You must take precise measurements of your head in order to determine the size of your wig.

To determine your size, enlist the aid of a friend and refer to the guidelines in our guide to hair wigs in Chandigarh.


3. Daily wig use will delay hair loss and harm your skin.

It’s common to worry about whether or not wearing a wig will prevent your natural hair from growing back if you’ve lost hair due to chemotherapy.

Thankfully, that is simply untrue. Regardless of whether you cover your hair follicles with a wig, scarf, or even a hat, they will continue to grow.

We should note that this does not imply that your wig won’t harm the skin beneath it.

Make sure to wash and moisturize your scalp every day to avoid skin damage.

Another great way to safeguard the skin underneath your wig is by wearing a wig cap.


4. Synthetic wigs NEVER look as good as human hair wigs.

This is a well-known urban legend in the wig industry.

Many women are concerned that a synthetic wig will appear unnatural.

The synthetic wigs of today are much more advanced than those of our mother’s generation, even though that may have been the case for those wigs in the past.

High-tech wig fibers are used to create modern synthetic wigs, which last for a long time and look natural.

Your wig shouldn’t acquire the unnatural shininess that the synthetic wigs of the past used to have unless you’re purchasing an extremely cheap synthetic wig that costs very little.


5. Wigs Are Only For Older Women Or Cancer Patients

These days, young celebrities aren’t the only ones sporting wigs; your daughter or granddaughter may even be sporting a fake hairstyle without your knowledge.

In order to achieve thicker, more voluminous looks, teenagers and young women in the 21st century wear toppers, extensions, and even weaves.

Why should you be concerned about whether or not you are wearing a wig if the kids are doing it?

Instead of seeing your wig as something to be embarrassed by wearing, start thinking of it as a leaving-the-house necessity.

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Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions Perfect Looking

Are you perplexed by the idea of maintaining your hair extensions and wondering how to do it properly?

Is that what has been bothering you, and as a result, you are unsure whether you should purchase hair extensions?

The answer is simple: go for it without hesitation because hair extensions are a blessing to mankind.

All you need to know are some basic maintenance tips and tricks, and they will serve you for as long as you want.

Synthetic hair extensions and natural human hair extensions are the two types of hair extensions.

While the former is simple to care for, they are not heat resistant and should not be washed frequently.

You can neatly tough time in a boxing show that the curls do not lose out and you are good to go whenever you are not in use.

On the other hand, if you choose a Wigs shop in Chandigarh, you must obviously care for them as you would your own hair.

They must be appropriately cared for by being shampooed, styled, and conditioned in the same manner.

Continue reading for some extension hair care tips that will help your hair extensions look great and give you the same look and feel as if they were brand new.

It is critical to wash your hair extensions correctly after consulting with your hair expert.

Always keep in mind that you should never sleep with your Extensions wet.

Regardless of how tired or busy you are, always dry your extensions so that they stay in perfect shape and look smooth and silky at all times.

When it comes to brushing your extensions, you must know the proper brushing technique.

It must be done with caution because it has a significant impact on how they look and feel.

The wrong brushing techniques can ruin the appearance of your extensions and even cause them to break or become damaged.

If you have hair extensions underneath your natural hair, you must schedule a conditioning treatment for hair extensions at least once a week.

This helps to retain moisture in the hair by keeping it smooth, silky, and lustrous at all times.

Make sure to limit the use of heating products on your hair extensions to avoid long-term damage.

Excessive heating can cause the hair to become brittle and prone to breakage. This shortens the life of your hair extensions and causes them to lose their smoothness and length.

Another important thing to remember is to always detangle your hair extensions before going to bed.

You can loosely tie them in a band to keep them in place and from tangling. This also helps to reduce breakage and ensures that they remain at their full length at all times.


Reduce the Heat Dose.

Hair extensions are no different than your natural hair. Heat causes them to deteriorate.

No matter how many conditioning treatments you apply, once they become brittle and spoiled, you may have no choice but to replace them with new ones.

However, if you want to extend their stay and make them look seamless, here are some heat-protection tips you can use.


Keep a heat protector on hand.

It is always recommended to use a heat protectant before using heat styling tools. Some heat-protectant products are applied to wet hair, while others are applied before styling.


Maintain a low temperature.

To keep extensions from becoming damaged, use heated tools at low temperatures. The goal is to protect hair extensions from overheating.


Stop using hair straighteners and curlers.

The more frequently you use straighteners or curling rods, the shorter the life of your extensions.



By incorporating the above tips into your hair extension care routine, you can enjoy longer, fuller, and healthier-looking hair.

Regular maintenance and proper care will ensure that your extensions last as long as you’d hoped.

Always ask your hairstylist or Wigs shop in Chandigarh for aftercare tips and advice to ensure a smooth transition to your new long locks.