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    Hair weaving is a non-surgical mane care process that involves using organic remy hairs weaved on to the scalp to provide volume across the width of the head, and cover hair loss. The additional hairs are attached in the direction of hair growth, and are selected ONLY if they suit the existing hair type. The techniques used in hair weaving include Hairs connections, Shrub Tying or Shrub Braiding, and Ribbons Expansion, with the latter being the most updated of all. This process of hair weaving is also called Hair Incorporation, as additional hair is weaved onto the visible main area of the patient’s hairline, to bring an organic look to woven hairs.

    The outcome of the Hair Weaving process is a longer, wider, and immediately-growing hair. At Maneology, our team of maneologists perform this process with a lot of effort and finesse guaranteeing zero fall out.

    Appropriate for both men and women, hair weaving is a versatile non-surgical hair transplant process which requires minimal maintenance just like your existing hair- Shampooing, lubrication and combing regularly should keep them as fresh as new.

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