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    Yes, Hair Patch is a better option than a hair Replacement since it is a non-surgical way to treat baldness, whereas a hair Replacement requires the removal of hair follicles from the donor location through surgery.

    The use of free grafts and scalp flaps, which involve shifting a band of tissue with its original blood supply to continuing bald areas, dates back to the 19th century.

    Hair patching is nothing more than an artificial hair wig constructed from synthetic or natural hair and supported by a silicon basis.

    It may be bought already made or made to order. In the market, ready-made products are easily accessible.

    Whereas with custom created, you can alter it to fit your head size.

    Your hair's colour and texture can also be matched.

    The advanced hair patching or lace has a porous base that creates the illusion that your scalp is in high definition and the hair is naturally growing out of it.

    This process is also known as hair replacement or artificial hair restoration.

    This type of medical care might cost anywhere from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 or even more in India, depending on the location and the specific operation.

    The hair does not grow over time because it is fused or adhered to the scalp. As a result, you might require a re-fix in a year or two.

    Advantages of hair patching

    • ● It will provide complete covering and greater density overall.
    • ● It can be styled however you choose.
    • ● It is beneficial for those who cannot get a hair transplant since the donor area is insufficient.
    • ● It has a hair-like, organic appearance.
    • ● Easy to maintain.


    • ● It is a laborious process that must be removed and cleaned every 30 days.
    • ● Every two years, the patch must be updated.

    Hair Transplant Services in Mohali

    The greatest treatment for baldness is a hair transplant because it is a natural and long-lasting remedy.

    The grafts used in hair transplantation are taken from your own donor site, giving you a more natural appearance.

    Male pattern baldness is the main condition that this method is used to address. The quantity of hair will have a significant impact on the cost of the procedure.

    FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION is the name of this hair transplant surgery (FUT Systems).

    In hair follicles, stem cells and dermal papilla cells have been found. Success in treating baldness by hair multiplication (HM), also known as HAIR CLONING, may result from research on these follicular cells.


    • ● There is no maintenance necessary.
    • ● Appear naturally.
    • ● Permanent solution.
    • ● The process takes only one time.
    • ● Hair transplants are entirely natural and safe.
    • ● The surgery is the most natural.
    • ● These can be managed.
    • ● It is a long-term, long-lasting remedy for baldness.
    • ● We can wash it, colour it, and style its hair.


    • ● Surgical Technique
    • ● High Priced
    • ● Surgical procedure
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