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  • Beard Replacement

    The goal of facial MHI is to Replacement scalp hair to facial areas like the BEARD that lack density and fullness.

    Our clinic uses a specially created advanced Replacement technique to harvest follicles for facial hair Replacement, taking into account the unique area for fashionable hair restoration procedures.

    The method for harvesting hair follicles for facial hair Replacement from the back or posterior of the scalp is remarkably similar to that for hair Replacement.

    The facial hair density is increased by the new hair grafts implanted there.

    Does the new hair grow well?

    The new facial hair typically grows in the same manner as the old facial hair. The follicles removed from the scalp resemble your natural hair in feel and other aspects.

    You can shave it and grow it to any length once it begins to grow. New facial hair that has been Replacement is permanent and hardly noticeable.

    It takes careful placement of the grafts in the right angle and direction to ensure natural-looking undetectable facial hair.

    After donor extraction, careful handling is crucial for the best graft survival.

    At Maneology, our specialists make sure that the hair is Replacement in such a way that its quality improves over the following two years and that there are no scars in the spots from which the hair is taken.

    The use of local anaesthesia guarantees that there won't be any swelling following treatment.

    After your surgery, our experts will offer you professional guidance and have created a healthy diet plan for you to follow for one to two weeks.

    It is advised to drink a lot of water and to avoid moving your head much while you are eating for a few days.

    We make every effort to give our patients the best outcomes.

    The Procedure and the Results

    Depending on the number of grafts needed, the procedure typically lasts 4 to 5 hours.

    Every Replacement hair will have a small scab forming around it for the first few days after the procedure. Patients can return home and resume their normal routines the following day.

    The Replacement hair may start to fall out in three to four weeks, and then start to grow again in the fourth or fifth month.

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